Don't Run; The Way Body Builders Really Lose their Fat!

Subject: Learn from the leanest people on the planet

This industry is full of scam artists.
I mean if you wanted to earn more money you’d ask a rich person, right?
And if you wanted to learn about business you’d ask a successful business person, right?
If you want to lose weight and reduce your body fat, you’d ask a skinny person, right?

Skinny doesn’t mean healthy and skinny doesn’t mean you have a good metabolism either. There are plenty of skinny people out who don’t exercise and eat crap.
These people – the skinny fat people – are a walking health hazard.
If you want to lose weight, ask lean person not a skinny person.
Go to the fat loss experts.
Take advice from the leanest people on the planet.
Ask a bodybuilder.
Or speak to a fitness model.
That is what these guys do for a living.
“I don’t want to be a body builder” I hear you say.
That’s fine!
I’m not asking you to be.
I’m just saying if you want to learn how to lose the
maximum amount of body fat then the leanest people on the planet are bodybuilders and fitness models.

You don’t have to become one.
You just have to learn from one.
Now here’s a tip from the bodybuilder world on burning fat.
And I promise it won’t make you look like a bodybuilder!
When body builders want to get into single digits in body fat (as low as you can physically can) here is what they do…

They walk fast.
That’s it.
You see bodybuilders know that running “in the fat burning zone” isn’t the best way to do your cardio.
And it isn’t the best way to burn fat either.
It puts pressure on your joints.
It’s boring as hell.
And it is also notoriously bad for your muscle mass.
Instead bodybuilders like to walk fast.
Or they might do a easy workout on the cross-trainer while they watch TV in the evenings. Something low or no impact.

Now to get the maximum benefit from walking you have to do it fast or you have to add some resistance.
For example…
If you like the outdoors then find a route with lots of hills and off you go…
Or wear a backpack.
Or they pull a sled (which I guess you could replace with a
push chair if you know a child you can borrow)!
The extra resistance will raise your heart rate a little higher and get fat burning a little faster.

So there you have it.
Get out and walk fast for 30 - 45 minutes, enjoy the fresh air, the great outdoors and do it before breakfast when your body is fasted from a good nights sleep.
It’s low intensity.
It’s easy on your joints.
And it predominantly uses fat for fuel.
Not there is a caveat.
Bodybuilders lift weights and they’re super-strict with their diets too. The combination of lifting weights, eating well and low intensity, low impact cardio is what they do.
It works

But if it’s not for you then I have an alternative.
Don’t walk, don’t run.
As fast as you can.
When you sprint you burn more calories per minute (so you can burn more calories in a shorter period of time) and you’ll raise your EPOC.
That means you’ll continue to burn body fat when you stop exercising and the fat you do burn will be visceral body fat.
This is the fat inside your body cavities, around your trunk and abdominal area and the stuff that surrounds your organs.
It’s the fat that makes your belly round and it’s more dangerous to your health than sub-cutaneous fat – the fat that’s under your skin.
Plus sprints build muscle.
That’s a good thing.
Our muscles give us shape and they make us strong.
And third - muscle is alive and needs feeding
So by having more muscle you have a higher metabolism which means you be burn more calories per hour even if you do nothing.
So if sprinting sounds like it’s up your street then start simple with short 10 second bursts.
Don’t kill yourself.
Give your body time to adapt and get used to the all-out effort.
So there you have it.

The easy way to burn body fat is get out there and start walking every morning.
Before breakfast.
The intense way is to start sprinting.
Start with short bursts (say 10 seconds) and build up to 20 or 30 seconds bursts.
Sprinting is a powerful thing and when I’m at my leanest sprints are what get me there.
See you soon!

Waisted Together Team

P.S. While you're doing all of that walking, you may as well wear a waist trainer and maximize your fat burning! 

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