We've Been Featured in SKYN Magazine!

We've Been Featured in SKYN Magazine!

Hello Ladies!
We are thrilled to announce our waist trainers have been featured in SKYN Magazine for their "What She Wants" gift guide! We were awesome enough to make it to number 6, and we've only been open a few short months! As a small business this means the world to us, and we can't thank SKYN magazine, and the woman who made it happen enough for their support! 
Waisted Together waist trainer Canada featured in SKYN Magazine
Not only are our waist trainers on their list (of course) their are many other great ideas too if you are still last minute shopping for that special lady! Definitely check out their article and see what ideas you might be missing out on! On the list you'll find designer jackets made in Canada, Jewelry, customizable "love books" you can write and illustrate yourself, and a no-fail wine of the month club!
You can keep your wino's happy and keep them confident in a waist trainer they can wear to hide the turkey gut this holiday season while they sneak around in under their amazing new jackets..... and you thought Christmas was hard.
Whatever you choose... Be sure to support Canadian small businesses when shopping around the week before Christmas! Buy your waist trainer from a Canadian seller... *cough* *cough*
Thank you & Happy Holidays,
Waisted Together Team 




  • 16 Dec 2015 ANA RODRIGUES

    i love the way it looks

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