10% Discount on Waist Trainers for the New Year!

10% Discount on Waist Trainers for the New Year!

New Year? New You!

You were good all year, and kept the family alive during Christmas... now it's time to slow down and reward yourself! ... Not with wine though, that's all over after New Years! 

You deserve to feel confident and beautiful. You want to feel empowered. Well, our waist trainers can give you the confidence you need to take on the world! Wear that sexy business suit, or that bangin' dress at the next office party. 



You deserve it.

We're extending the holiday discounts on our waist training / cinching corsets to help give your wallet a little break, and your waist a little kick in the... well you know. 

Enjoy 10% Off your waist cincher with discount code NEWYEARS10


If you make a purchase with us, remember to post your awesome success stories to your social media to share the love! You can also email us with 30 Day after pictures for a chance to get your next waist trainer 50% Off! 


We love hearing from all of  you lovely ladies, reading your emails and questions gives us something to do during these long cold Canadian winter days. (Got to love Canada right?)

Buy your Waist Trainer now, and we will all get Waisted Together by the time the sun decides to come back around.

Waist Training is easy, and can be a really great way to lose inches if you can't afford a gym membership this time of year. You can still lose weight & tone that belly without spending a lot of money. You can lose up to 4 inches in 30 Days! Just remember to follow some easy tips and tricks outlined in our exclusive guide.

Don't forget to enjoy a much needed discount with coupon code NEWYEARS10


Happy New Year Ladies!


-Waisted Together Team

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