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The Top 5 Fitness Exercises To Do With A Waist Trainer On

When you are looking for a healthier life, there's nothing better than improving your diet and exercising regularly. However, most of us don't have the time to spend countless hours at the gym just to get that beautifully shaped body. So, what can you do?


One of the best things you can do is to buy your self a good waist trainer. It will not only help you improve your figure as it will help you shape your body when you are exercising. And no, you don't even need to go to the gym. The truth is that you can do some simple fitness exercises at the comfort of your own home at your own pace, within your time schedule.


A waist trainer uses the thermal activity in your core and, at the same time, it stimulates perspiration. So, you can be sure that you will get an hourglass waistline in no time.


Ready to get started? 

When you want to do some waist training at home wearing your waist trainer, we don't advise you to include any abdominal exercises that are crunchy. Nevertheless, you have plenty of other exercises that you can do at home. Here are the top 5 fitness exercises to do with a waist trainer on:



#1: Squat:

Squats are perfect to strengthen your thighs and butt. However, in order to do squats the right way, you actually need to maintain your back flat. And nothing better than your waist trainer to help you get in the right position. When you want to push yourself, try to lower your butt as close to the ground as you can. Nevertheless, make sure that your feet are standing flat on the ground, shoulder-width apart.



#2: Plank:

Just try to include as many different planks as you can on your exercise routine. Do some side planks, with straight arms, and even from your elbows.



#3: Cardio:

While not everyone has an elliptical, stair stepper, treadmill, or bike at home, in case you do, make sure that you use it. After all, these are the kind of exercise that will help you sweat even more. In case you don't, just go for a run.



#4: Deadlift:

Just like with planks, you have multiple deadlifts that you can do at home. However, make sure that your back is always flat to prevent any injury.


You can try some deadlifts with your knees straight or with your knees bent. You can also try out to lift the weight with both hands from to the ground and up to the thigh level. Then, return slowly to the ground while squeezing your butt at the same time. 


#5: Front Raise:

In order to do this exercise, you just need to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and them grab 2 light dumbbells. Just hold them in front of your thighs. Now, with your elbows straight, just lift them to the point where your arms are parallel to the floor. You can do this exercise with just one arm at the time or with both at the same time.





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