About Us


Waisted together is not just a company that sells waist trainers, but a community that helps women achieve their fitness goals. Waisted together lunched in November 2015 as a small online company based out of Eastern Canada in the province of Prince Edward Island. Currently We are now based in Toronto Ontario, where we plan to eventually open the first retail store. Then expand throughout different cities and provinces. Waisted Together started off small, but now we cover Canada and the United States and beyond. We strive to meet our customers needs and wins their satisfaction in the areas of customer service, product quality, fast delivery time, and our inspiring community. We always like to hear from out customers in all areas, please never hesitate to contact us for anything and everything. Please be sure to follow our social media for updates, events and promotions. Together We are Stronger! 


You can be confident that when you order through Waisted Together that we will make the whole process run smoothly, and gladly work out any kinks that do arise. We answer every email within 24 hours (but usually within the hour!). We take your satisfaction very seriously, as we truly want you to have a positive experience when buying from our company. We are really proud and excited to offer women such a great product that increases self-esteem. 

We are also proud to note that we source our products through multiple small to medium size boutique manufacturers with high ethical standards which are audited frequently. We have a great relationship with them and talk to them daily! No slave shop products here! Currently our products are shipped directly to our customers! This means you get FREE shipping! 🙂


At Waisted Together, we want you to be drunk off of self confidence! We don't want you to avoid wearing jeans or tight pants because you don't feel good in them. We want you to feel great in whatever you wear! Our waist trainers can give you immediate tummy flattening results! If worn for 6-8 hours a day consistently for a few months, you will start to see REAL long lasting change in your body shape. Our trainers cinch the waist, and over time you can achieve an hour glass figure!

For best results, add a healthy diet and light to moderate exercise into the mix! Bam girl! Now you're well on your way to increased self-confidence and a better self body-image. You'll look better naked, and that's okay, because we want you to look and feel amazing! Like you can take on the world. We want to change the way you feel about yourself and empower you to take on anything!

So what do you say? Wanna get Waisted together? 

Great! Check out our awesome and powerful waist trainers HERE !