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We Love Hearing From Our Customers! Here is What Some of Them Have to Say About Our Waist Trainers / Cinchers & The Company! 

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Absolutely love love the product! I’ve had waist trainers before that were so annoying! Like some that would puncture into my sides and some where the boning would bow out when I sat and made me look like I had a big belly! I also have bloating problems and I have NEVER found any type of shaper that actually flattens my bloat except this one! Both my sister and my mom have ordered one!

- Shannon



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best waist trainer in usa and canada to buy online and get a waist cincher
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**"Hello Angela
Just wanted to let you know that I received my order and it fits perfect. Thank you! Kathleen"
- Kathleen
**Hi Angela,
Thank you for getting back to me in regards to all of this. Today I received a new waist trainer in the mail to my surprise. Thank you so much, I truly appreciate it! It definitely fits a lot better, and you have greatly exceeded my expectations. I will be sure to let people know to buy from Waisted Together. 
waisted together waist trainer and waist cincher review canada
**"Yes, my aunt has amazing back relief from hers, she drives a semi truck for an oil company and usually she cant move after work but now shes more active and eating right, also with mine its helped me keep my posture and preform my workouts better, my friend also noticed her workouts to be more effective and shes losing more then she was without hers"
- J'lyn, Alberta
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**"Hey Angela! As far as the trainer itself, I love the look. You worry with online purchases that it won't look like it does in the picture, but it does! it doesn't look cheap, great material. I definitely can tell a difference as far as rolls go, and the "boobidge" is on point! Also found i ate way less at dinner. Had my first workout in it yesterday and wow. Yep. Happy,. And let me just say, your customer service is fantastic. I'm a very satisfied customer! Thank you for everything!"
- Chelsea


Waist training results review before and after for Waisted Together Waist Trainer
**"WOW! I just wanted to write you to say thank you. I received my waist trainer a week ago, and I love it. I loved it as soon as I put it on... I instantly felt slimmer, like your website says. Now, a week later, it has formed to my body and it looks and feels incredible. Such good quality... such good service. Thanks again!!"
- Marianna, Ontario
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**- Kaly
**"Angela, I have been wearing my trainer for a month now, and have lost 3 inches. I workout with it on and I'm in love. It's addictive one you start seeing results for sure. Thanks a lot for your amazing customer service and checking in! I really appreciate that! Sincerely, Jessica"
- Jessica, Nova Scotia
So got this product early April 29th (2016) BONUS! also 1 week and a half in and will need to get a new one soon. Already on the 3rd closure. Mixing it up with healthier eating, and light exercise(yoga 2-3 times a week and no more than 35 mins per session). I have already refereed 6 people from my work who were interested in waist training to this site. Some for the back support, other for the aesthetic look it provides instantly! 
This is helping me with my back pain that is now no longer, after wearing for work only, it has corrected most of my posture issues and has been a dream to wear. 
Thanks for everything!"
waist trainer review and before and after at Waisted Together Canada
waist trainer results before and after
waist trainer review results before and after

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my pink waist trainer review waisted together


my waisted together waist trainer unboxing


waist trainer on from waisted together canada



loving my new waist trainer from waisted together canada!


waist training / cinching results, with it on, plus size from Waisted Together


working out in my new waisted together waist trainer!


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